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AGM Voting Question/Statement
Since Strata pays for the north facing windows to be professionally cleaned once a year, strata should pay for the south facing windows to be cleaned once a year by someone using the strata owned electrical window cleaner.
Vote Yes or No.

More Information / Reasoning
The units with north facing windows have their street side windows professionally cleaned once a year. Strata pays for that. Due to wires in the alley (which the city said would be removed by now), the units with south facing windows do not get their windows cleaned. Strata now owns an electrical window cleaner. So it is fair that south facing units have their windows cleaned by someone using the electrical window cleaner once a year.

If Strata will not pay for someone to come in and clean the alley side windows on the units that face south and wants each person to do their own windows, then Strata should not pay for professionaly cleaning of windows of the units that face north. Those units may also be cleaned by the owners.

How Does AGM Voting Work?

At the AGM, owners or their proxies vote on issues that are important to the strata and strata council feels should be decided by the entire strata. Day to day operations can be dealt with by strata, but on the big issues owners/proxies should vote.

In order to pass, a vote must be 75% in favour.

If you are concerned with how this building is administrated then it is important for you to vote.

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