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Lost Mail Key
An owner is responsible for the mailbox key.
If you’ve lost your mail key, the lock and key will have to be replaced.


You have two options:
1. DYI – You may find mailbox locks and keys online and do the replacement yourself.

2. Call a tradesperson to come and do it for you. One such tradesperson is Juda who works with Safe & Secure, the company who is rekeying the doors in teh building.  Juda can do the entire mailbox lock and key replacement service for an estimated $100. Please call him for details at 604-379-5194

How to Silence The Fire Alarm in Your Unit
Each unit has a little panel on the wall that will allow you to silence the fire alarm in your unit only.

 The original panels look like this. It can be confusing because people think they push the red mute sign,
but the actual button is to the right as per the photo. And Yes – who did design these??!! :))

Some units have a newer version of the panel. This is because the original one was broken when someone got frustrated and pushed the red label a little too enthusiastically. The button on the newer model is much more obvious.

Unit Door Hardware: Handle and Lock

Please find informtion detailing the unit door handle and deadbolt lock using the link below:

Unit Door Harware Info: Handle and Lock

Light Bulbs: Kitchen, Bath, Living, Bedroom

Kitchen, Bath, Living, Bedroom Light Bulb Types

Kitchen bulbs – 12v 35 watt halogen
Bathroom bulb – 34 inch T5 florescent
Shower bulb – 12v 35 watt halogen

Living room overhead – typically 60 watt incandescent or equivalent LED bulb
Bedroom overhead – typically 60 watt incandescent or equivalent LED bulb
To remove the cover on living and bedroom lights: Loosen the screws on the side and twist counter clockwise a quarter turn then pull down.

How to Replace Bathroom Light Bulb

The long fluorescent tube light bulbs in the bathrooms of this building require use of a small hex key to remove the glass cover over the bulb. It is typically the smallest key on a set like the one in the pic. The exact size of 5/64.

Insert the key into the very small set screw located on either side of the fixture, and turn it counterclockwise to loosen it (lefty loosey). The screw itself is about 1cm long and needs to be almost entirely out to get the clasp off one side of the cover. Since it is so small and easy to lose, I recommend not taking it entirely out but rather loosening just enough to remove the clasp and still have the set screw remain in the hole about 1/10 of a centimeter. This ensures you won’t lose it and will make it easier to get the cover and clasp back on afterwards. This can be done by one person but having a friend help to pass you the bulb is recommended.

Once the set screw is 90 percent out you can remove the clasp and then the glass cover. Gently set the cover down because it is glass and would be difficult to replace if broken. Turn the bulb 1/4 in either direction and pull it straight/horizontally out of the socket. Note that there are 2 pins on either end of the bulb. Your new bulb must also be inserted in the same orientation that the old one comes out – with the two pins at the same level, horizontal. Once the pins of the new bulb are in the sockets on both ends, turn the bulb 1/4 turn in either direction to secure it. The pins will now be vertical, one directly above the other. Flip the light switch to test that it works before replacing the glass cover.

To put the cover back on, insert one side into the clasp that remain intact (not the one you removed) and let the weight of the cover rest on this clasp as you hold the other end of the cover in place. Attach the clasp in same orientation that it was removed (clasp has a pin that goes inside the fixture, and the small piece of rubber goes between the metal clasp and the glass cover). You then continue to hold the clasp and cover in place as you use your hex key to tighten the set screw which pinches the metal on the clasp. When the set screw is entirely in it should be flush with the side of the fixture and your glass cover should be secure.

The exact bulb is a 34 inch, 21 watt, T5 fluorescent tube. The K rating of the bulb is what determines the colour temperature (reddish/pink light VS blue/white).


How To Replace Shower Fixture

Shower fixture is removed by pulling straight down – held in place with pressure only.


This is my experience and I am doing my best to be accurate. Please do your own research and don’t take any of this as anything official.

If I can help further or if you have any corrections / edits / comments please drop me an email. jn@138easthastings.com. Peace out.

Jayun  //  jn@138easthastings.com