138 East Hastings – A Perspective

I love living in this community and in this building.
Thank you everyone who lives here and makes this the best place to live in DTES.
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This website is my personal view.
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Opinions from Legal and Insurance

“I would be concerned that agreeing to the terms below would prevent the strata corporation from bringing a claim where there is a legal basis for doing so.”

“We recommend getting independent legal advice about the impact of the LIMITATION OF LIABILITY”

In addition to having the VPD walk into the buildling whenever they feel like it, the costs to strata will be astronomical when the VPD damage property or injure people. Costs that could run into the millions should someone sue the VPD. Strata would pay all legal expenses for the VPD and any claim. Strata insurance does not cover that so that means strata and each individual owner would be responsible. Can you afford that?


The Counterparty now acknowledges and agrees that neither the VPD nor EComm, nor any of their respective officers or other personnel (collectively, “the VPD and E-Comm Group”) will, under any circumstances, be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, punitive or exemplary costs, expenses, losses, damages or liabilities incurred by the Counterparty or any of its owners, residents, or occupants, (collectively the “Building Group”) arising from any act or omission of the VPD and E-Comm Group, which but for this MOU would not or could have occurred, including, without limitation and by way of example only, any loss arising from unauthorized access, systems failure or breach of any term of this MOU by the VPD and E-Comm Group, and by entering into this MOU, the Counterparty now agrees on its own behalf and on behalf of the Building Group not to sue or make any legal claim against the VPD and EComm Group for anything arising under this MOU and to reimburse the VPD and E-Comm Group for any costs arising from anyone within the Building Group suing or making a legal claim against the VPD and E-Comm Group under this MOU.


A council does not hold the authority to authorize this type of entry or what appears to possibly be an illegitimate MOU agreement.

Strata Property Act.
Council is to manage building maintenance and repairs and the financial records for that.
Council is not authorized to make desisions beyond that scope.
Strata Liability and Resident Safety is to be decided by owners, not council.

Keep This Building Safe. Do Not Allow the VPD Unsupervised Access!


Questions about the Garden?

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Building Security

Fire, Medical, Police Emergency – Call 911

Building emergency – Call FSR at 604-683-8900 ext 9

¡ Important !

This is not an official website for 138 East Hastings.

This is one person’s perspective of what is happening with this building.

Discussion, Correction, Questions — All Welcome

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