Hot Water Tank Pipe Replacement Program

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Hot Water Tank Pipe Replacement Program

Offered by First District Mechanical – Plumbing Contractors for Sequel


Work Recommended

As requested, First District Mechanical (FDM) is proposing the following per unit price for the replacement of the domestic water piping on the in suite hot water tanks. This request was made due to several failures of the tank fittings over the past 2 years. In order to propose the most cost effective solution to Sequel 138 a bundled price was developed in order to scale down the per unit price.


Scope of Work

· Material Prep: all material prep will be completed off site to create a more efficient process. Based on the number of approved units, FDM Technicians will prep all materials including measuring, cutting, soldering, etc. By completing the prep ahead of the project it ensures the per unit price is minimized.
· Pipe Replacements: to minimize risk of future failures, FDM will be replacing both the hot and cold piping. This includes 18″ of solid copper piping coming off the tank on both the hot and cold side, and the appropriate fittings to reattach the copper piping to the existing piping.
· Clean up: all materials will be removed off site and the work area cleaned before moving to the next suite.


Cost and Payment

This proposal is based on each resident pre-paying individually, this price would equal $260 + taxes per unit the resident would the responsible for. In order to maintain this price point, a minimum of 30 residents would need to approve the work to be completed during one phase. Pre-payment will be made directly to First District Mechanical by Visa, Mastercard, cheque or cash.
Total cost is $260 + $13.00 gst = $273.00

Hot Water Tanks - Council Notice

Quote From First District Mechanical

Read About The Process.

I had my hot water tank pipe replacement done before this program was announced. The pipe replacement I had done is the same as what FDM is offering, but my job took much longer because it was a one-off and was way more expensive ($520). Since FDM will be pre-cutting the copper pipes and organizing supplies beforehand, they will be more efficient time-wise and money-wise.

Hot Water Tank Pipe Refit Before Program Was Announced
To get an idea of what will happen, you may read about my experience. Keeping in mind that mine was more involved due to the cooper pipes being cut onsite.

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Hot Water Tank Pipe Replacement Program

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