VPD In Action – Sequel Alley

Administrative, Building, Council

Warning – This Video is Very Difficult To Watch

VPD Officer with Shotgun Threatens To Shoot Woman in The Face

If This Triggers Trauma, Please Reach Out For Support.

VPD Shoots Victim With Bean Bag Shotgun In Alley

She Moves To Sequel Property Where She Is Handcuffed and Left Face Down

Crying In Pain, Begging for Help. VPD Do No Medical Check

Then Stand Over Her And Laugh

VPD Officers Found in Contravention of Police Act – Abuse of Authority | Neglect of Duty

Ask yourself what trauma the VPD did to that woman.
Trauma that she will live with and the VPD will never answer for.
Then watch the video below and draw your own conclusions.

How did this start?
Security guard said he saw the woman sitting near a vehicle. No mention of whether she was on private property or why security guard told her to move.

Video Mark:
Woman calls out I paid for these. (Art supplies she had bought at the Dollar Store.)

Video Mark 1:40:
VPD Jones has shot her once and tells her to get down. She is unable to get down fast enough and Jones yells “Get down or you’re gonna get it in the face.”

> Watch for the Supervisor VPD officer to exit the car and stand just behind his officers who are laughing. He said in investigation report that he heard no laughter.
> Watch Jones make a call on his phone. VPD did no medical check after woman was shot, phone for medic and call is logged as routine. Not urgent. Takes an hour to get woman any medical attention. Two years later woman still has scars and walks with a limp.

Witness Description of Incident

On April 6, 2022, at least 6 VPD officers tracked a small woman down the alley and then shot her with a bean bag rifle right outside the alley entrance to our buildling. After she had been shot, they all descended on her, hand cuffed her and left her face down on the pavement. Then they stood over her and started laughing.

I first heard her crying for help as they were backing her down the alley. I was pulling on my shoes when I heard the shot. I raced down the stairs and that’s when I heard the VPD laughing. When I arrived at the scene around 12:03pm, the woman was surrounded by VPD and still face down on the ground. I demanded that the police stop laughing. They looked at me and said no one is laughing. Three workers from a commercial unit witnessed the entire thing. They came and stood behind me and backed me up. The police refused to acknowledge any laughing. An huge undercover cop came over. He towered over me. He tried to intimidate me telling me to mind my own business and that I didn’t live in the real world if I didn’t think this woman was a threat.

As you will see the woman was tiny, probably about 100 pounds soaking wet. The police said she had a knife, but could not produce one (later they produced an old exacto knife that they said they found when they searched the alley. That made no sense to me, as the VPD had the woman covered as they backed her down the alley. If she had thrown away a knife they would have seen it and one of them could have picked it up then. The fact that afterwards they ‘found’ a knife – well that could have been anyone’s knife and been there for who knows how long.). More officers arrived and the woman was taken away to the other side of the alley. I came up to my unit and started making calls. I finally found an agency who would follow up. They could not find out her name.