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About the Recycling Bins at 138
Find the Recycling & Compost Bns in the Garbage Room off the Loading Bay

All recycling bins are now located in the garbage room by the loading bay. Access is through a door in the alley by the loading bay using your fob.

How Recycling Works At 138 EH

City of Vancouver

Contracted with Recycle BC Program

Hired WMnorthwest to do the actual pickups

Who Pays For Recycling?

Recycle BC charges companies like Amazon, Nike, Starbucks, etc. The companies who are creating the material. This concept is part of the Cradle to Grave business model – where a business is financially responsible for the environmental impact of its products. Yes! – I’m a big fan of the C2G environmental business model.

How Composing Works At 138 EH

The compost bin is with the recycling bins in the breezeway.

On Thursday night, it is moved to the Loading Bay for pick up on Friday morning.



Please – Important!!! So Important!!

No Plastics, No soil, No rubber, No pots… Only Compostable Organic Material

Anything other than Compostable Organics – Contaminates Entire Bin

No Plastic Bags | Paper bags, Home compostable bags (NOT Biodegradable) are OKAY

Many thanks to E at WMNorthWest for their time, the flyers and information!


This is my experience and I am doing my best to be accurate. Please do your own research and don’t take any of this as anything official.

If I can help further or if you have any corrections / edits / comments please drop me an email. Peace out.