SCOR – Sequel Coalition of Owners and Residents

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Welcome to SCOR

The SGM on December 14, 2022 highlighted four serious issues:

  1. Council is not transparent.
  2. FJL Housing can, and does, control building meetings to suit themselves.
  3. Residents’ needs are not being put first.
  4. Owners are not having their voices heard or their investments protected.

All of these issues may be solved…

A Sequel Coalition of Owners and Residents

  1. Ensure all owners voices and votes are registered.
  2. Compel council to be transparent.
  3. Remove vote control and meeting hijacking from FJL Housing.
  4. Create a safe and happy home for residents, where tenants want to live long term.
  5. Create a stable and secure buildling to protect owners’ investment.
Who Should Join

Owners & Residents

This group is for owners and residents to join. Even though only owners or their proxies can vote, it is important to listen to all residents. A safe and well managed building creates long term tenants who care about their surroundings and creates a stable and inviting building for new tenants. Which in turn provides a reliable investment for owners.
So whether it be as a home or an investment, it is of great benefit for everyone to have their say to create a safe and happy living environment.

Why Join

Communication, Information, Fair Voting, Transparency

Three important reasons why, and this is just the beginning:

  1. Communicataion – We are not getting enough communication from council. Council informs us after the fact about major decisions and does not consult or inform owners and residents of changes to the building. When will the intercom/buzzer be fixed so residents can buzz in delivery people and friends? What is the current status about the gate out front and will the stolen sections be replaced and more firmly locked so they cannot be stolen? Will we get a second garbage bin so the garbage doesn’t overflow in the breezeway? 
  2. Information – Owners and residents need detailed and current information to know that the best decisions are being made.  It is imperative that owners and residents are kept in the loop. When is being done to get the intercom working again? Why does the snow removal not remove snow from the stairways? Who is the building manager? We need information and communication from strata. If you are an owner who does not live here, the lack of detailed information makes it even more difficult to know the current state of affairs about the building. For absentee owners, we can keep you aware of what is happening.
  3. Meeting Votes – Not every owner can find the time to attend meetings to vote. The solution — give your vote proxy to another owner who will vote the way you direct them. * It is important to note that this group is to make all owners votes count to direct the buildling. This is not a group where everyone has to think the same way. There are a total of 127.1 votes for the Sequle building. At the last SGM 18 individual unit owners voted. And FJL with their 18 collective votes shut the meeting down. We need every owner’s vote for balanced and unbiased decisions.
  4. Transparency – We need transparency with respect to council decisions, contracts, future building decisions, etc. As a group, we could pass a bylaw such as “Agendas must be sent to owners.” That will give information to owners and transparency to decisions. When I asked current council to do this they rejected the idea outright – why? For the same reason they gave for not giving owners information about the loading bay gate – Because they don’t have to. Minutes of meetings give minimal information and are designed to be that way. So owners don’t have a chance to find out details of decisions.
    I know that during my time on council owners guided me to several decisions that council would have otherwise been unaware of and missed opportunities. Owners are smart and capable and can improve and help the building and it would be smart of council to utilize that resource.
How To Join

Complete the form and it will come to me. Jayun // Addie Fern on FB.

I will put your information in an encrypted database and will contact you when a major issue arises or a meeting with a vote is scheduled. You may send the group your feedback anytime. And if you cannot attend a meeting with a vote, you may choose a proxy for your vote knowing your vote will matter.

When To Join

Now. We need to organize now.

We are just beginning with some positive solutions and hope to provide more with input from members.

Complete the form and have your voice heard!

Where To Discuss


Facebook: 138 East Hastings Social Club

Website: 138 East Hastings

In Person: Talk with your neighbours.


Series of decisions that owners did not have valid input on

The last meeting was just one of a series of decisions that owners did not have valid input on: there’s also the hot water tank issue; the loading bay gate issue; the garbage overflow issue; the snow removal issue; the front gate issue; intercom and buzzer code issues; fob issues; the VPD issue…


Owner and residents must have transparency to make the best decisions.
These issues effect our homes, our safety and our financial futures.


Have Your Voice Heard – John the Sequel Coalition of Owners and Residents.